Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy

Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy

Corporate Citizenship &
million Baht

Osotspa believes that investing in local communities contributes to positive change in surrounding societies by allowing businesses to operate and grow more effectively. As a result, it has taken steps to support and improve the quality of life for people in society through charitable donations, strategic community participation, and commercial activities

2022 - Performance Highlights

By Activity Type

Charitable Donations
Community Investments
Commercial Initiatives

By Contribution Type

In-kind Giving
15.5 million Baht
Time: value of paid working hours of
corporate volunteers/employees
38.7 million Baht
AssociationCash Contributions
15.8 million Baht
Management Overhead
4.3 million Baht
Support for Sports
and Athletes
12 million Baht
The Table Tennis Association of Thailand
Thai Cycling Association
Thailand Boxing Association
Thai Takraw Association
Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand
Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association