Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety


Management Approach

Our top priority is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.
To help prevent workplace accidents and illnesses, promote employee welfare, and ensure that the work environment stays in line with local laws and safety standards as well as international regulations, the Company has employed the
“SHE Vision Zero”
campaign. We are committed to being a sustainably safe organization, free of workplace accidents and occupational illness, where employees are healthy and environmentally conscious
2022 - Performance highlights


2020 2.31 0.79
2021 3.61 2.20
2022 2.31 1.30
Total Recordable Injuries - TRIR (No./Million Man Hours)


2020 0.63 0.59
2021 0.45 0.79
2022 0.36 0.65
Lost Time Injury Frequency - LTIFR (No./Million Man Hours)

Plan to achieve the certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management system standard ISO45001:2018


Siam Glass Industry Factory (SGI),
Samut Prakan

Beverage Filling Plant, Ayutthaya

On process

Siam Glass Industry Factory (SGI-AY),

Siam Glass Ayutthaya Factory (SGA),
Rojana Industrial Park, Ayutthaya

Starting Process in 2023

Liquid Personal Care Plant, Greensville Factory,
Ladkrabang, Bangkok

Near-Miss Reports, Safety Suggestions, and Safety Patrol
Osotspa controls occupational health and safety risks in the workplace by implementing effective safety tools, including
the “Near Miss Reporting, Safety Suggestions, and Safety Patrol” scheme. We follow a set of procedures that help track
potential incidents in order to improve operations and enhance safety. Reported close-calls or near accidents are
investigated to determine the causes and appropriate actions needed to prevent recurrence or other future accidents.

In the event of an accident

The company immediately implements proper corrective actions and launches an investigation to determine the cause. Such information must be recognized by the manager of the site where the accident occurs. Every accident must be reported to senior management as soon as possible

Lesson Learned Card (LLC): The tool allows companies in Osotspa group to share information about accidents and safety improvements. It equips operators with the knowledge they need to avoid future incidents.

Safety System Software: To improve operational efficiency and reduce accidents, the company encourages employees report unsafe incidents through online systems such as the Safety Patrol for reporting unsafe accidents, the Near Miss Reporting, the Safety Suggestions for receiving suggestions, and the Kaizen system.

These online systems allow operators and relevant persons to track progress in resolving issues and increases monitoring and improvement efficiency

Emergency Response Readiness

Every function in the Company must regularly review and improve its emergency plans, which include their response to fire incidents, chemical spills, floods, critical contagious disease outbreaks, etc. In addition, in each organization, the responsible persons and their roles in the event of an emergency must be defined and updated. Incident response drills must be conducted as planned in order to effectively prepare for and reduce the risks that may arise in the event of an emergency.

Emergency equipment, including fire extinguishers, chemical recovery equipment, flood protection equipment, etc., must be checked and maintained to ensure availability.

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS)

We believe that a positive safety culture is a culture in which individuals within a workplace take responsibility for their own safety, in addition to the safety of those around them, enhance the overall safety culture, and expand activities associated with workplace safety.

The company has thus implemented the principles of Behavior Based Safety (BBS) with the goal of reducing the number of workplace accidents by changing employee and contractor safety behavior.

In 2022, BBS programs were implemented at seven of Osotspa’s operational sites. The company plans to institute BBS in all departments to instill a safety culture throughout the entire group.

Benefits and Outcomes

Employees at all levels are aware of the safety mindset and their responsibility for workplace safety

Learn and grow in an open, feedback- rich employee culture

Communicate openly with trust & respect with co-workers & management about all aspects of workplace safety

Safety Training

Adjusting to the new normal, the Company continues to provide both online and in-person safety training for employees in order to strengthen awareness & foster a culture of safety in the workplace.The new modes of instruction, namely the
"SHE e-Learning & SHE Software"
enable employees to work through the material at their own pace, ensuring that they are fully comprehending occupational health and safety information that is integral to daily work activities.

Total training hours :
32,864 hours
Mandatory training for all employees
Six hours of Safety training for new employees before
starting work
Compulsory trainings for liaison personnel
Safety Personnel
Safety Supervisor
Security Administration
SHE Software Operation training
Safety standards and environment at Osotspa Group
Basic firefighting and evacuation training
First Aid training
Crane Operator training
Safety driving for car
Safety driving for forklifts and loadersr
Principles of Behavior Based Safety (BBS)
All on-site contractors must receive safety training and understand the applicable standards before beginning work.

Safety Software

SHE-specialized management software was adopted for data connections across operations. The software facilitates synergies between the SHE function and other supportive operational units. In addition, SHE software helps the company ensure company- wide compliance with applicable regulations and requirements while saving time and effort in the process.

Incident Management In 2022, the Company improved the statistical data of the software system for easy software system software system for easy inspection and efficient data usage through the Incident Management system and expanded the scope of use to our overseas operations. We prioritize auditing legal compliance, revision, and monitoring using the SHE software system, which covers all laws applicable to the Company.We also encourage operators to keep a record of safety inspections and improvements in the Safety Patrol system.

2022 - Activity highlights

1. Focus on safety and environmental operations in accordance with the Safety, Occupational Health, and Environment

plan for 2022-2025 and the Companys Vision Zero strategy.
Leaders must prioritize and participate in activities organized by the department s safety and environment.

2. Employee Capability and Knowledge Development Programs such as

The hearing conservation program
by occupational health physicians

Kiken Yoshi Training (KYT)
to raise safety awareness

3. Programs to Increase Employee Engagement
SHE Day activities instill a sense of safety in employees as well as the importance of reducing work-related accidents.
“We’re not overweight” project to raise awareness of healthcare among employees
A safety bonus to encourage employees to work safely on a consistent basis

4. Safety Leading Indicators
are utilized to set safety goals and reduce work-related accidents. All items must be completed according to the specified goals

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