Ethical Marketing

Ethical Marketing

Management Approach

In addition to product development, we place a high value on the methods used to market products to create long-term sustainable value. We believe that communication,

from product labels to advertising, must be accurate and contain vital information to assist consumers in making decisions and to maintain consumer trust in our brands.

Osotspa strictly regulates product labeling. We comply with local laws and regulations as well as applicable international standards. Our product labels are designed to be clearly visible, easy to understand, and must provide all required information including nutrition, ingredients, package contents, storage methods, usage, date of manufacture expiry or best before date manufacturer details, and relevant warnings.
In addition to the product information that assists consumers in making a purchasing decision, our product labels provide the
Company’s Consumer Hotline
+66 (0) 2351 1111.
The hotline is intended to help consumers with their inquiries and complaints.

Our Approach to Ethical Marketing

We remain committed to professionalism in all marketing practices. This includes the prohibition of unethical advertising, false, ambiguous, and exaggerated information as well as any other type of information that may have a negative impact on society, either in the short or long term.
Provide accurate information about the Company’s products and services while adhering to all legal and regulatory requirements as well as international standards
Disclose both the positive and negative environmental and societal impacts of the Company’s operations.
Never conduct marketing via information distortion or attacking other brands with false information.
Use creative communication and marketing that is simple to understand, particularly with vulnerable groups such as children/youth and unsophisticated consumers, and provide them with sufficient information to make purchasing decisions for the products and services that meet their needs.