Consumer’s Health & Well-being

Consumer’s Health &


Performance vs. 2025 Targets

Beverage Product portfolio that is low sugar (less than 6%) or
zero sugar
90%         100%
Healthcare & Confectionery Product portfolio that is sugar free
50%             65%

Management Approach

Osotspa’s heritage was built on safeguarding public health and hence we actively support our consumers’ current and future well-being. We are thus committed to providing high-quality, nutritious products to as many consumers as possible in Thailand and the other markets we serve.

The Company gives priority to the diverse health risks and needs of consumers when developing new products. With that

in mind the Company adopted the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Healthy Diet principles and Thailand’s Healthier Choice guidelines in developing our Health & Nutrition Strategy which serves as the backbone of both the NPD and reformulation process.

Nutritious, Delicious, Forward-Looking

Support health and immunity
Serve the needs of aging consumer
Support people’s energy and mood


Appropriate serving size
Drive sugar calorie
and salt to low levels
while maintaining great-taste of products
Comply with Responsible
Marketing Principles
Trusted external certifications

Accessible and Affordable

Broad range of pack size
Wide spectrum of prices
Multi-channel business
Reaching groups in need

Osotspa’s beverages
both energy drinks and functional drinks
provide enhanced value to consumers via

the addition of functional, herbal ingredients and a reduced proportion of sugar. These qualities help our consumers balance nutrition and live a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Osotspa delivers products that meet a variety of consumer needs. Our personal care products range from baby care to beauty care for all genders. The products are designed with a focus on quality, efficiency, and safety. In addition, Osotspa strives for a healthier confectionery portfolio that meets consumers’ health and well-being needs. We are committed to expanding the range of healthy options in this portfolio by adding herbal and sugar-free products.

2022 - Performance Highlights

Osotspa earned the Best Consumer Hotline Award, and we are the first FMCG company in Thailand to receive the certified standards for Customer Contact Center Management System (ISO 18295-1:2017)

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