Anti-Bribery and Corruption

and Corruption

of employees at all levels receive training
and pass the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Course exam.

Management Approach

The Company has a policy against all forms of corruption, emphasizing morality, ethics, and transparency in conducting business in accordance with the Company s business ethics and operating the business with an efficient and transparent management system that enables auditing, promotes training, and raises awareness among employees to work with integrity and supervise the company s anti-corruption practices. The fundamental principles outlined below have been established.

1. Employees should not accept gifts, gratuities, entertainment, and other benefits from distributors, partners, and suppliers in order to purchase products from them without restriction. If an employee is found to be receiving benefits in excess of what is customary or to be engaging in any action that jeopardizes his or her freedom of work, he or she may be investigated or accused of fraud and punished in accordance with the company s Work Regulations or other regulations.

2.The Company has systematically established procurement approval regulations that require competition, bidding, price comparison, and a transparent and fair selection process.

3. The Company has established internal audit units to investigate business operations and a central function to examine and verify issues for consideration, in collaboration with the company s human resources and legal departments.

4. The company has transparently established the criteria for supervising the procurement by forming a committee to consider high-budget purchases, including inspection from the External Audit.

Additional Guidelines for
Preventing Corruption

With a focus on anti-corruption, the Board of Directors has approved a specific anti-corruption policy in addition to the Business Ethics to encourage employees to maintain their integrity against all forms of corruption. The Company has established guidelines to ensure that all levels of employees, including directors and executives, strictly adhere to the principles of good corporate governance in business operations.

According to the management guidelines mentioned, a total of 8 cases of complaints were
investigated and confirmed in 2022. Measures have been developed to make prevention more stringent.