Waste Management

Waste Management

Maintain Zero Waste to Landfill
Cover production unit areas.
Scope covers industrial waste.


Management Approach

We manage waste according to the 3Rs, with the aim of reducing as much waste, as possible from our business activities. This ensures that resource management is efficient and in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal No.12 - Responsible Consumption and Production.

Zero Waste to Landfill
In line with our goal of zero waste to landfill, the Company minimizes manufacturing waste from our domestic and overseas operations with a pragmatic approach, one that complies with local regulatory requirements and supports the circular economy.


Food Loss & Food Waste

Going further, the Company has introduced a strategy that promotes reduction of Food Loss & Waste, in turn increasing efficiency across our value chain and reducing global methane emissions. The Company’s focus here covers all the steps of our value chain, measuring loss & waste in ingredients, beverage manufacturing, warehouse & distribution, and at the consumer level.

Break-Down of Food loss & Waste Volumes by Lifecycle Stage

Food Loss & Waste Impact

Preventive Measures for Food Loss in Our Operation

Reduction Measures for Food Loss in Our Operation

Zero waste to landfill

Waste to Benefit Project - Plant Nutrient

Waste to Benefit Project - Plant Nutrient

Waste Disposal

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