Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Plastic Material Weight Reduction
tons per year
Total amount of material treated and sent back
into the recycling process equaled

Management Approach

One of Osotspa s sustainability goals is to is to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging. The Company has designed packaging materials to be Recyclable, Reusable, or Compostable.
To achieve this goal, the company has appointed experts and specialized agencies to conduct research and development, as well as collaborated with government agencies, suppliers, and business partners on sustainable packaging and systematically increasing positive societal impact. Osotspa s Sustainable Packaging Strategy includes packaging design and manufacturing, as well as recycling packaging materials.

Our Sustainable Packaging Strategies



Recycle-friendly Design

100%of product packaging
will be recyclable, reusable, or compostable.
Weight Reduction

Reduce the weight of our consumer packaging by 5%.
PVC Phase-out

Terminate the use of problematic packaging materials (PVC)
in Osotspa products.
Use of Recycled Materials

Increase the amount of cullet
we use in glass production to 400,000 tons.
Partnerships to ‘Close the Loop’

Actively work with government, industry, and strategic partners
to increase recovery and recycling in Thailand.

Sustainable Packaging

To achieve our Sustainable Packaging goals and stay in line with Thailand’s Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) model action plan for 2021-2027.

Osotspa has evolved our packaging across product groups to utilize a variety of practices including recyclable design, weight reduction, and recyclable material usage. These are all aimed at reducing environmental impact while maintaining the same quality.

Packaging Innovations

Idea contribution

Design packaging with fewer materials used.

Environmentally friendly changes

Change to recyclable
responsibly sourced materials.

Efficiency Management

Manage and consolidate product units
Improve shrink-wrapping film and transportation efficiency.

2022 – Project Highlights

Packaging Weight Reduction

Osotspa has improved its glass bottle packaging production, shifting from the Blow & Blow process (B&B) to the Narrow Neck Press and Blow process (NNPB) in order to reduce packaging materials while maintaining quality.
This has been implemented in the Energy drinks and Functional drinks product packaging processes.

In 2022, the Company replicated this process improvement for four additional product categories: M-150, C-vitt, Slimma, and M-electrolyte.

In addition to improving the manufacturing process, Osotspa has conducted packaging design research and development with the goal of reducing the use of plastic and other materials in both existing and new products such as baby talcum, cooling powder, dishwashing products, personal care products, and other consumer products

2022 – Performance of Packaging Weight Reduction

Recycling Solutions in Our Production

As a large manufacturer delivering products to be consumed across Thailand
and in many other countries around the world.

Osotspa does not shy from being accountable in terms of post-consumer waste management.
This can be seen in our advanced recycling center in Saraburi province which contributes to the
reduction and recycling of waste by way of resource optimization.
With an end goal to promote sustainable consumption and production,
we at Osotspa never stop seeking ways to enhance the efficiency of our recycling
center and increase the amount of local cullet used in our glass bottle production.

2022 – Performance of the Osotspa Recycling Center

Increasing the use of paper from FCS-certified forests

The world s ever-increasing population has unavoidably influenced the consumption and use of natural resources.

Responsible resource sourcing is one approach to addressing this issue and supporting in the mitigation of degradation while increasing the chances of nature s recovery. Osotspa understands the value of responsible forestry in the preservation of natural wood resources.
The company thinks about utilizing wood from sustainable sources and uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper material in its packaging production. This will help to reduce illegal deforestation and resource waste, as well as preserve the world s resources for future generations. The FCS standard is internationally recognized due to its intensive and transparent certification process. Companies that are certified to this standard must be audited throughout the supply chain, from purchasing from suppliers to delivering products to consumers. This is to ensure that the materials used in the products are sourced from responsibly managed commercial forests and that every step of the supply chain is monitored in accordance with the policy and FSC standards.

2022 – Performance of Increasing in FSC-certified Paper Consumption

Partnership for Sustainable Packaging

Osotspa believes that by joining forces with those around us, we can enhance lives and
protect our planet. With this in mind, we are actively working with a wide range of
strategic partners in the consumer industries, including government agencies, business
associations, academic institutions, suppliers, and peer firms.These partnerships drive
positive change throughout our value chain and help us leverage scale in order to reach
our sustainability goals.

Packaging Materials

Plastic Packaging

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