Product Quality and Safety

Product Quality

and Safety

reduced by 53%
year on year
Beverage Finished Goods complaints were

Management Approach

In line with our commitment to operational excellence, we have a standardized system in place that complies with international food safety and quality standards and is used by all of the Company’s subsidiaries. Throughout the manufacturing cycle

we carry out quality control and assurance for each step in the process, from design to manufacturing and distribution. These include precise production control technologies, hazard analysis and critical control points, as well as regular audit and risk assessment mechanisms

Have a standardized complaint handling system in place and work diligently to perfect our production and provision of all products and services.
Welcome complaints and suggestions directly from consumers through its
cell center

+66 (0) 2351 1111

and promotes cooperation among relevant business functions to ensure a timely response.
Passionate about achieving the highest levels of product quality and safety. This goes hand in hand with improving our customer and consumer complaint and product recall performance.
Serving our customers
with utmost quality Osotspa’s business operations place a high value on quality.
For more than a century, we have delivered products that Thai people love and trust for their quality and health benefits.

Our commitment to producing high-quality and environmentally friendly products under our various brands requires daily collaboration among all of the employees at our subsidiaries.

The Company makes a concerted effort to ensure that its products arrive on shelves in Thailand and abroad at the appropriate time and in the best condition.An effective delivery process has a pronounced impact on maximizing sales opportunities and brand presencewhile also facilitating smooth operations for our customers and business partners.

Osotspa prioritizes consumer confidence in product quality.The Company’s Quality Management elements include a culture of outperformance among all employees, high-quality raw materials, and manufacturing processes aimed at achieving manufacturing excellence.

2022 - Standards & Certificates
and Performance Highlight

As the global population has increased, so too has the demand for affordable, safe, and high-quality products. Thus, Osotspa has been relentless in its efforts to improve industrial and operational excellence. This is reflected in the international certifications that the Company has received, including GHPS (Good Hygiene Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), Halal, and FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) for beverage products.

Beverage Production Plants

Standards & Certificates

Huamak, Bangkok
Ayutthaya (Siam Bev Manufacturing)
Minburi, Bangkok
Thilawa SEZ, Myanmar

2022 - Standards & Certificates
and Performance Highlights

For personal care products, the Company has received a number of global standard certifications, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Halal, ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics).

Personal Care Production Plants

Standards & Certificates

Greensville Liquid, Ladkrabang,Bangkok
Greensville Powder, Ladkrabang, Bangkok

Osotspa has been granted

“the FDA Quality Award 2022”
in the category of outstanding cosmetic operations
by the Food and Drug Administration,
indicating responsible
moral, and ethical operations and delivery of safe and
standardized cosmetic and personal care products to consumers

Genetically Modified Organisms

Osotspa places importance on the safety and quality of products that address the needs and health of our consumers.
Our exposure to biotechnology, which can enhance the security of agricultural products by increasing yield,

resistance to pests and diseases, and resilience to climate change, can be considered non-significant. For the agricultural raw materials we source,

our vendors are required to comply with our “Raw Material Specifications” which include providing GMO-free or Non-GMO certification as well as laboratory test results. We plan to implement a self-declaration protocol for natural-based raw materials and conduct random inspections on suppliers of our raw materials, particularly those with large purchasing volume.

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